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Embed Regpack into your website

Last Updated: May 25, 2017 04:41PM PDT
In order to embed Regpack on your website, you'll need to follow a few steps...
1. Get the HTML code
To collect your HTML iframe code. You can access this by clicking "project settings" under the settings tab.
Then click the embedding tab
As you scroll down the page, you'll see you're iframe code:
2.Put it in your website’s HTML
  • Copy the code and open up the page you want to have the Regpack system in your favorite editor.
  • Paste the entire HTML code, from <div id....> to </div>, where you would like it to be. The iframe will adjust its width based on the parent it is inside of. It is ideal that the iframe has at least 900 pixels of horizontal space. The iframe will also adjust its own height in your webpage based on what is inside of the iframe, so make sure its parent does not have the CSS property of overflow:hidden and ideally does not have an absolute height.
  • Publish the new page and the iframe will appear.
3. Is something wrong?
  • Does the content inside your iframe cut off or just doesn’t look like it fits? This is probably a configuration issue. Your group’s template should point to the iframe template.
  • Did nothing happen? Please re-check the HTML code and make sure you replaced the GROUP_ID with your groups actual ID
  • Contact if the issues persist.
4. Bonus Features
  • If you want Regpack’s internal navigation to appear apart from your iframe (for example, you already have a navigation sidebar) You can put a tag in your HTML that looks like this: <div id="regpack_iframe_navigation"></div> The navigation will now be transported outside of the iframe and you can use it to control the iframe

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