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Edit product details/delete a product

Last Updated: Jun 29, 2016 04:17PM PDT
To edit or delete a product, navigate to the "Settings" drop-down menu. Select "Products" to get to the Product Management page.

Navigate to the product that you want to edit or delete. Hover over it and click the "Edit" button.

You will see a box pop up that will allow you to edit and delete your product.
To delete your product, click the red "Delete" button in the bottom left corner of the edit pop-up.
There are some further options to edit your products. More on these below:
  • Can only be ordered once
As the description states, checking this box will ensure that this product can only be picked once by an account or sub-account. Leaving it unchecked will allow your registrants to select more than one of this product.
  • Available to users for selection
When this box is checked, this product will be available for selection when a registrant is selecting their products. Leaving this unchecked would ensure that users do not see this product. This can be useful when adding a registration fee that should automatically add to a user's cart rather than be selected by the registrant.
  • Product Locking Settings: Lock for changes once paid
Checking this box will ensure that your registrants cannot change what they've selected after the product has been paid for. This is selected by default
  • Product Locking Settings: Lock once added to cart
Checking this box will ensure that once this product has been added to a cart, it cannot be removed. This is especially useful for registration fees.
  • Availability/Expiration
The availability and expiration dates will determine when your product is available to be selected and when it should expire. This can be useful in the case of early bird discounts.
  • Quota Settings
- Quotas can be used to limit the amount of your product that is available for selection.
- Adding a quota to "items that users have ordered" means that once a user selects this product, they will take up a slot in the quota (even if they have not paid for it).
- Inversely, "Items that users have paid for" determines that a slot will not be taken until the user makes a payment.
When adding a quota to this, a Partial Payment option will show up -- this will allow users to take up a slot in the quota when they have only made a partial payment and the product is not yet paid for (such as when users pay a deposit before paying for a full product).
- Allow waitlist: This determines whether registrants can still select a product after the quota has been met. Registrants can be added to a waitlist for your product.

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