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Trigger Overview

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2014 11:49AM PDT
Do you have products that should only be displayed for specific users? Forms that are only required for a small population of your membership? Emails that should be sent only after specific portions of your application are completed? The trigger feature will allow your system to present and/or add products to your user's cart, present forms that should be completed, and send emails according to selections made by your users. Once a trigger is set the actions happen automatically and instantly customize the registration process for each of your users.

Triggers can be added to three different modules in your system - click any of the links below to explore how you can use triggers in your registration system.




There are several different categories for which a trigger can be set. Click each link below for a detailed breakdown of each category.

Registration - triggers for generic registration actions (user registers, child created, etc...).

Status -triggers for statuses that are created by admin in your system (excluded statuses, custom statuses, etc...).

Payments - triggers for payments made by users (payment completed, payment not completed, etc...).

Forms -triggers for the status of the forms in your user's registration (form viewed, form completed, etc...).

Products/Services - triggers for the status of the products that are in your user's cart (product added to cart, product paid for, etc...).

Fields - triggers for answers selected by your users (a multiple choice answer, field completed, etc.. ).

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