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How Do I Register?

Last Updated: Mar 07, 2014 12:22PM PST
Regpack is designed to be as easy as filling about paper forms- maybe even easier! To make your applicant's registration experience as smooth as possible, here are a few tips that may help your applicants get started on the right track.
Creating and Account
  • Enter the login email - This is their unique login email and can be separate from the email address used for correspondence- this email will give them access to all of the projects your organization has created. 
‚Äč             NOTE: Be aware of typos. Misspelled email addresses can cause confusion and lead to duplicate accounts.
  • Create Password: The password MUST be at least 6 characters with NO special characters. (i.e., characters such as ' or " or # are not allowed. Stick with letters and numbers and you can't go wrong.)
  • Confirm Password: Just repeat the password created in the above field and click "Sign me Up!"

The Dashboard

The most important page for all users will be the "Dashboard". The dashboard provides the user with a complete overview of all aspects of their registration-once there, they can get information on their orders, make payments, and see which forms they have and have not completed.
  • My Balance - A real time display of their total order, how much they've paid, and their remaining balance
  • My Application - Displays the status of forms they need to complete. Also, the applicant can simply click on a form to be taken directly to it.
  • My Orders - A comprehensive display of each item that the applicant has ordered.

A common question we hear from new clients is "How can our applicants go back through their application?": There are several ways to navigate their registration:

A. Click on your name in the top left corner, which will bring you back to your dashboard. 
B. Click on the progress bar, which will show your registration status. There you will be able to click the wizard button to go to your first incomplete form or select the form you wish to go to from the list.

C. Keep going forward .... this will take you to the Dashboard where you can use the "My Application" module to navigate all of the available forms.
E. Use the back button on your browser


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